Discord high pitched noise

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Question of the Week: What should people look for when upgrading their monitor s at home? Click here to ask away! Sidebar Sidebar. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Previous Next Sort by votes. TurtleLord44 Honorable. Oct 22, 9 0 10, 0. Hey guys, I've been dealing with this problem for about seven months now but it's finally driven me crazy.

MY headphones Razer Carcharias emit a high-pitched coil whine into my ears. It's quite subtle on the desktop, but as soon as I put my PC into load like when I launch a game, it becomes a squeal and is incessant and awful.

The headphones have a USB, headphone, and microphone jack. When I unplug the USB the noise cancels as well as all other sound. I've tried putting the jacks and USB into different places, but to no avail. I keep them in the back IO ports most of the time. I don't have a soundcard, so I'm just using onboard Asrock audio I believe it is Realtek. Please help!

discord high pitched noise

I've been struggling with this problem for too long and it really is unbearable. Thank you for any help you can give. Mar 9, 0 4, Hi turtlelord44, have you tried disabling your mic in the sound panel?I frequently use Skype to talk online and over the past 3 or 4 months I have had a bit of a struggle using it. Nothing has been wrong with Skype, but sometimes when I plug in headphones and a microphone I hear a loud humming or buzzing noise.

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The following picture shows how the microphone had a green bar level stuck at 2 or 3, which was associated with that hum noise. Unfortunately that did not fix the issue. Before buying a new headset, a good way to isolate the issue is to try your headset on another computer or laptop. If it works there, then the problem is internal to the computer. Reading many online reviews it appears that a common cause for the background static noise is the computer having an issue with not being grounded.

The humming sound was the electrical current running through the audio jack. If your computer is a laptop, you can test unplugging the power cord from the laptop while talking to see if that makes the buzz sounds go away.

If your computer is a desktop PC then you will need likely need to get it grounded. To fix the floating current problem I plugged the computer into a 3-prong outlet in the wall. The best solution I was able to come up with was to move away from using a 3. The only thing I had to do to make it work was ensure the old 3. I hope the above post helped you fix any problems you have with noises running through your mic.

If it didn't please comment below with information about your situation and I will try to help. So I connected the computer to the grounded plugs the issue persists. Thank you so much that beeping was the most annoying thing.

discord high pitched noise

As soon as I disable the Real Tech microphone the beeping quit. I fight gaming headsets and audio manager with the sound coming from both my speaker and headset. I know its all in settings, but its frustrating. So instead of using a gaming headset with the different ports I use a Razar Blackwidow Elite keyboard which has all the sound hook ups. Its easy and simple to use i simply plug it in and then plug my Turtle Beach usb headset in and boom sound and mic.

Recently my old keyboard quit and I had to order a new one during the wait I tried a few things I messed around with a gaming headset I had problem with the sound coming from both speakers and headset. I watched videos and read about it couldn't find a solution. So I bought a cheap keyboard and plugged in both the old one I used for the sound hook up and new one for typing until my replacement keyboard came. Then I started to notice the morse code like beeping was driving me batty.

Once again looked everywhere till I came across this :. This buzzing sound come and go, after many testing, I found out that the buzzing sound only happens when it's close to my head, if the headset is sitting on my monitor there is no buzz, if I pick it up and start to move it near to my head, then the buzzing sound start to get loud.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Thread starter Martin Faaborg Start date Dec 21, Martin Faaborg New Member. Hey everyone, I just started to record with OBS studio, I had used the software to stream with the last 3 years and thought why not try to record some small montages. I ran into a little problem, it seems like all my sound tracks have this random high pitch that just show up, at first I thought it was the powersource for my audio interface that had to lowbut since this also happens on my Gameplay and Communication Tracks, I kinda doubt it's there the problem is.

But it seems Im not alone on this matter, I had read alot of forum posts in here that kinda have the same issue but no solution, Im not counting on an answer but it would be appreciated. SumDim Member. Remove too if you don't need them. Disconnect power and unplug to be more on safe side.

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discord high pitched noise

Accept Learn more….It's a little embarrasing. I rarely even use my microphone, or am recorded. Normally those videos or that audio is pretty important.

Problem with my microphone! High pitch sound!

I think avdaddy is right. Maybe there is a setting on your computer if you are using to record that changes the pitch? Just a thought.

There is nothing wrong with a high-pitched sound. You don t say if you re male or female, but I suspect you re a man because the sound is, to you uncomfortable and perhaps sounds a bit feminine. However, there are some things you can do to develop width to your sound. Carrying a tune is helpful, but not necessary to vocal development. So, to begin: Every single day when you are showering, hum. The warm droplets hydrate the vocal folds and ease the muscles, cos the voice is a muscle and can be developed and strengthened just like any other muscle.

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This is a developmental process and takes time, cos there are no "quick fixes" to the Voice.

My voice sounds very high pitched through any microphone. How do I fix?

I encourage you to find a voice teacher in your area and take a lesson every week, if that fits into your budget, cos you'll need guidance, especially in the beginning as you learn. If there is a barbershop chorus in your area, go to see them and there will be someone who will be happy to work with you, cos barbershoppers everywhere are willing to help newbies! Sing in church and sing everyday, but learn to breathe correctly.

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Change language. Install Steam. Buettner20 View Profile View Posts. Just recently my Turtle Beach headset started transmitting an annoying, high pitched noise that my friends can't stand.

So the problem was isolated to the Steam games itself, as launching a game in Origin or one installed through a disc doesn't give off the noise. The noise also occurs with games that don't have in-game voice chat, so I don't think any kind of conflict with voice chat would be causing it.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, it'd be greatly appreciated! Showing 1 - 15 of 18 comments. Try right clicking on the sound icon in the notifications area bottom right corner of your screenclick on "Recording devices".

You should see your headset there. Select it and click on properties. From then on, I do not know what kind of options Turtle Beach provides, but usually you can see some sort of noise supression options that you should be able to enable. If not, it is a way to see once in-game if it is your headset is the one causing the noise.

You can also try to switch the Steam Voice Chat settings to "Push-to-Talk" mode, to try and isolate the problem further. Originally posted by SicilianCapo :. Laptop View Profile View Posts. Update sound drivers. Originally posted by Laptop65 :.

You might want to try using a different microphone. See if it is Turtle Beach drivers if they have any. Last edited by Buettner20 ; 27 Oct, pm.

I think I'm all out of ideas at the moment.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New resources New profile posts Latest activity. Resources Latest reviews Search resources.

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New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter logo Start date May 27, When I try to record audio in OBS, I get a high pitched buzzing in the background any time the mic is open.

I have noise suppression and noise gate on, but as you can see, as soon as the mic opens up, you can hear the humming immediately. This is not an issue recording directly into the PS4 or to the PC in Premiere, so any help is greatly appreciated. Last edited: May 27, Treva Harper New Member. Hi, I have also been having a buzzing issue. Thought it was my microphone until I recorded a video without it and still had the buzzing.

Found any solutions for it? Gazbeard New Member. SheppardSG1 New Member. I had the same problem today i just reinstall obs cause i was on streamlabs and wanted to try obs live boom pitch noise when mic start picking my voice so i put gain on filters to 29 in obs and it was gone that sort it out for me hope that info helps :.

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By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Accept Learn more….Register Now! Login Register. Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. My board uses the Realtek ALC for the onboard sound. The problem I'm having is that as soon as some sound comes out of the SoundCard the high pitch buzzing starts.

discord high pitched noise

In Windows I have tried different drivers so it is probably not driver related. But if I mute the card then the sound buzzing stops. But I have tried to disable it but didn't help. It's most probably some static interference from somewhere. Is there some power adapter nearby? Maybe a desk lamp with variable lighting? Try to find if something like that is around and switch it off.

You have a Q-Tec Power Supply? Change that first and come back later Powersupply in trouble? Such gives the same sounds when e. Quote from: Hans on November, Quote from: Bas on November, Turn down one or the other sound volume control.

Quote from: ashrack on November, Quote from: Fredrik on November, Well goto a computershop or friend and try another PSU there. As the PSU is the base of the system, you have to establish if the problem is there or not. With a light videocard you won't establish much except that it's maybe gone with a light videocard, so the problem can still be: 1 powersupply 2 videocard 3 motherboard If you try another powersupply first, and it's still there, then you can scratch the powersupply off your list.

Then try a similar videocard, gone? It's a matter of deduction dear Whatson However, my bet is on the powersupply, as such sounds are typical for powersupplies in trouble. You have a very good brand, however, it may be in trouble. Is there any relation between HDD activity and the buzzing sound?

I would also like to fix this weird issue. You have to be very careful, as high pitch noises are normal a very bad sign. If it is coming from the powersupply, then it's even dangerous! Please do try with a known good powersupply first, as you don't want to know what happens if the powersupply starts going weird.

You are gambling with your entire system here. The time I had a simular problem was when my maxtor HDD died


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