Gm 3100 coolant leak

GM 3100 engine leaking coolant?

Near coolant temp. Note: throttlebody and exhaust crossover removed for easier viewing. Answer: This is a very common problem, but GM does not offer any reimbursement for this repair. I had problems with my 3. Did they take that apart to fix the intake? Doing the intake manifold gaskets would have nothing to do with the front timing cover gasket leaking. These are a little common on high mileage cars, but not nearly as much as the intake gaskets.

A small black plastic cover is over the belt on that pulley. Water pumps usually sling coolant over all pulleys. Odds are it is the water pump. Anywhere besides LIM, head gasket, oil cooler, or cracked head or block that would cause oil to mix with coolant?

Or vice versa. Cannot find the leak? Nothing else that would cause the mixing. My Pontiac Grand Am 3. What bolt is that and what do i need to fix it? Okay now you are really confusing me. What do you mean by asking what bolt that is. There are thousands of bolts. My car is a Chevy Malibu 2.

Could be the water pump if it is more toward the passenger side. Or the coolant outlet housing if on the drivers side. I have a Impala with the engine.

gm 3100 coolant leak

I have not had the usual problem with the leaking gaskets, probably because I changed the original coolant long ago. However, I seem to have a constant corrosion problem. Heavy Iron Oxide buildup in the cooling system, even with anti-freeze. Any ideas what this may be? I flushed the system less than a year ago and I am currently flushing again after a water pump replacement and I would feel better if I knew what this problem was.

The Dexcool is known for doing that. If you changed the gaskets a long time ago, they may be leaking. No gasket out is a permanent fix. Sometimes they leak internally, slowly and cause this problem. Also the rear headgasket may be leaking internally pushing combustion gases into the cooling system. Remove the 1 spark plug from the passenger side of the rear head and look for corrosion.

GM V8 Losing Coolant With No Apparent Leak w/183K - 2003 Tahoe

Main question and answer index page. Browse our visitor submitted questions and read the answers from our dealership technicians.View large pictures below of common coolant leak areas on the GM and V6 engine.

The intake manifold gaskets are the most likely cause of your antifreeze leaking and engine oil getting low. Location 1 in the picture below is on the passenger side front of the engine behind the front timing cover. Location 2 is a little harder to see. It is below the throttle body and next to the coolant temperature sensor and thermostat outlet housing on the drivers side.

Question: I have a leak across from 1.

gm 3100 coolant leak

Looks like it it coming from in back of the timing cover but I cant pinpoint it. Any ideas? The cover has 2 coolant passages. The gasket on one or both are leaking. After removal, inspect the cover for corroded aluminum. May need to have the it replaced as well. I have a leak coming from across area 1 as well. It's so bad that after replacing the lower intake manifold gasket which I thought was the problem initiallyas I was refilling the radiator with coolant it started dripping from there, the engine wasn't even on.

How can i tell whether it's the timing chain cover gasket or the head gasket near cylinder 1? For info, I have no coolant in my oil, or oil in my coolant, and my car didn't smoke white, basically no internal leak; just a bad external one. Could a bad head gasket fail, yet only cause the coolant to leak externally? You are going to have to look through the wheel well to get a good view. Remove the inner fender splash shield.

I have a water leak but oil level is okay, is it still possibly the intake manifold gasket? Yes, leaking intake gaskets are very common. Could also have a rear headgasket leaking. I have taken my engine apart down to the valve covers but i cant remove the push rods.

Book says I need to jack up the engine to get to them in the back, got struts loose, wood block and jack under oil pan, but cant seem to jack to get engine in position.

Is there other motor mounts I need to remove? See comment above Cant seem to jack up 3. Main question and answer index page. Browse our visitor submitted questions and read the answers from our dealership technicians.One of the most common problems on the GM 3. This problem has been a gold mine for GM and the auto repair industry.

So, you might be wondering, is there a way to prevent this from happening? The answer is both a yes and no. Having worked on cars as a professional automotive tech for about 20 years and having repaired this condition many many times, I can tell you that you can do certain things to avoid a repeat of this problem. In this article I'll offer you several suggestions on what you can do to mitigate this problem.

In a nutshell, it's because the intake manifold gaskets are made out of a composite material the technical name for plastic. Compounding the problem is that the metal that the intake manifold gaskets are sandwiched between, expands when it heats up and contracts when it cools down remember, the intake manifold gaskets are sandwiched between the intake manifold and the cylinder head -which are made up of aluminum metal. This eventually results in gaskets that look like the one in the photos I'm using in this article.

Once out of warranty If you do own a vehicle equipped with a 3. Is there something that can be done to avoid a repeat of this particular problem? The answer is yes and it involves using an updated type of intake manifold gasket made by Felpro and tightening the intake manifold bolts with a torque wrench to specification.

Whether you replace the leaking intake manifold gaskets yourself or you're having it done at your local automotive repair shop Because the old plastic type gaskets are still being produced and sold.

Not too mention that there's a price difference between both. Now, in case you're wondering what the heck is the difference between them The updated gaskets have a metal shim type core with rubber gaskets lining the ports as opposed to an all plastic core. Using the updated metal shim type intake manifold gaskets is just only one part of the equation.

The other factor, that also determines whether the new or even the standard intake manifold gaskets are not going to leak for a long time is torquing the intake manifold bolts to their proper torque specification. To make sure your intake gasket replacement doesn't come back with a coolant leak in the near or long term GM skimped on both the amount and size of the bolts used to keep the intake manifold bolted to the cylinder heads. What I mean is that these are small diameter bolts that have a very small tightening torque specification.

You can buy the updated metal shim type intake manifold gaskets for a whole lot cheaper than somewhere local. The following links will help you comparison shop for the updated gaskets that also include the valve cover gaskets you need to remove in order to get to the intake gaskets :.

Not sure if the above updated intake manifold gasket sets fit your particular vehicle?Lets try and solve the most common issues with some basic information. And, Yes I know this is old but, there are just so many repeat failures. Do you own a vehicle equipped with a GM — engine? Since the 8MM and the 10MM are interchangeable same year, you could get either one. Customers are telling me they went to a wrecking yard to find rockers that would fit. Other issues are Rocker Bolts pulling the threads out during installation.

Do not torque a rocker with the valve in the open position. Consequently, this can pull out the rocker bolt threads.

Coolant Leaks On The GM 3100 (3.1) and 3400 (3.4L) Engines

Becauseof the valve spring pressure pulling out the threads before the bolt is fully seated. Exhaust and Intake pushrods are different lengths. If mixed up you could end up with bent pushrods or valves. Exhaust pushrods on G. So, how did all these problems start! Both the 3. Over time, the plastic would soften and the seals would leak. That would allow coolant to seep into the crankcase, or allow oil to seep out of the intake. When you are changing the oil in your vehicle; one of the worst things to notice is the smell of gas getting into the oil pan.

It means that gas is somehow making its way […]. Engine oil mixed with coolant in the cooling system, Is very common after a blown or leaking head gasket. So, You opened your coolant reservoir or the radiator cap and see that the coolant and […].

Rocker arms dislodging on certain engines is a common problem and is usually misdiagnosed. So, A customer comes in and complains of a poor running engine. After diagnosing it you find engine misfire codes. And, […].Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in.

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Previous Next. Thegonagle Diamond Member. Jun 8, 9, 0 I have an opportunity to buy a 97 Buick Century with 50, miles for a total steal it's great having your best friend working in the car businessbut I was wondering if the "" engine, and its accompanying transmission, was as good as the "," which everyone knows is great. Quixfire Diamond Member. Jul 31, 6, 0 0. The only problem I have see on these engines is the intake gasket leaking coolant at the back of the engine.

Otherwise it has been a trouble free engine for my customers. If I have a problem with that, what does it take to fix it? Oct 11, 7, 0 0. Originally posted by: Quixfire The only problem I have see on these engines is the intake gasket leaking coolant at the back of the engine.

Nov 16, 8, 1 Basically my only problem is coolant and radiator. Oil change easy, oil fliter slightly harder since its behind a plastic shield in front, but still pretty easy.

Originally posted by: Thegonagle Hmmm. Demon-Xanth Lifer.

Common General Motor's 2.8, 3.1, 3.4 V6's engine problems

Feb 15, 20, 2 The 3. Cfour Golden Member. Jul 6, 1, 0 0 www.Car leaks coolant, it was dripping from near the oil pan underneath the car, and I tracked it up as far up as directly underneath the thermostat, but when I used a mirror to view the underside of the thermostat, I could not see any leak. The leak is not originating from the overflow tank, radiator, lower radiator hose all connections: to block, to overflow tank, and to radiator are dryupper radiator hose connection to the thermostat is dryradiator cap, or water pump.

My fear is one of the gaskets has gone bad, be it head gasket, or intake manifold. I'm afraid I'm too novice to take on these, so I would have to take it to a shop.

The temperature starts at cold, then increases steadily to normal operating temperature, and does not go above or below. However, before I replaced my lower rad. I did a coolant flush after installing the tank and hose, and the car seemed back to normal.

A day or two after I finished all of those repairs, this leak began. On the block side of the oil cap and the upper walls of the housing, I can see the milky substance commonly associated with the gasket failures, but there is none of the substance on the dipstick nor is it visible in the oil inside, which like that on the dipstick, appears healthy.

And there is also not any heavy white smoke leaving the exhaust pipe. I'm tired of dealing with this, and I want some opinions again to see what it might be.

gm 3100 coolant leak

You will need to have the system pressure tested, but most likely, you have a leaking intake manifold gasket. They are VERY common and what you are describing, sounds like you have one also. You can usually look below the throttle body and see coolant puddling up there, and then running down along the drivers side of the left and right cylinder heads, and onto the oil pan.

Bad news is, to replace, a shop will probably charge you around dollars. Good luck. Hopefully you caught this problem before that has happened. The leak is not originating from the overflow tank, radiator, Borrow a pressure testing kit from a local auto-parts store.

Many have these for loan for a small deposit. Pressurize the system and look again. Answer Save. Favourite answer. This Site Might Help You. RE: GM engine leaking coolant? Congrats you have a blown head gasket, its a common issue on the gm 3. What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Ann Lv 4. Source s : 2 years highschool auto tech, 2 months till ASE certified.

gm 3100 coolant leak

Steven Lv 4. Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.Sign In with Edmunds. I had the same contamination in coolant tank of my 98 Chevrolet Malibu with 3. I would say even much more pronounced. Was not sure if this is an evaporation or small leak, even more that the Malibu manual states it is normal to add coolant up to four times a year. The mechanic told me DexCool does not need be replaced beforemiles. I told them about the need to add coolant.

They started from pressure test and found a leak on the top surface of the intake manifold gasket. Now the car is in shop, undergoing the gasket replacement. Had the the reddish sediment in the coolant tank from the very beginning, when I bought the car used with 15k miles.

Serviced it first at dealer, than at a very good local Firestone shop after the original warranty expired. They added coolant every 3 months. But nobody told me before this sediment is not normal. The contamination looks natural with the orange DexCool coolant: the iron oxide, i. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign in or Register. On Edmunds. Visit Edmunds How-To Guides.

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Meet your fellow owners in our Owners Clubs. February edited September in Oldsmobile. With 3. I just found out why car was using coolant for the last six month's. It appear's that one gaskets is letting coolant out the top of the engine. The mechinic said in could be the Intake mainfold upper and lower, head gaskets or the throttle body gasket's.

I am wondering which gasket it is? I am wondering how common this problem is? I also like to know how time aka work is involved to fix.


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