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Looking for a different Mercedes-Benz? Your windshield wipers will work better and last longer if you periodically replace your wiper arms.

mercedes r107 forums

Applies to: SL R Easy step by step instructions to remove and replace your battery. Carbon build up layering the inside of your intake manifold could be robbing your engine of precious performance. Replace it for more power. One basic tune-up procedure for just about any car on the road is the replacement of your spark plugs and spark plug wires. Belt making noise? Has it fryed or broke?

The R107 SL Thread

Learn how to replace it and more. If your AC is no longer blowing cold it could be time for a new compressor, learn how to replace it. Timing chain slip? Timing chain issues? Oil leaking from valve cover? If your AC is no longer blowing cold, it could be time for a new evaporator. Learn how to replace it.So what do all those numbers and letters mean?

Find out where your Mercedes was made, factory name and a lot more. Vin Decoder Explained, see what each number position means? Complete OEM Mercedes Manual Collection for top to bottom, front to back workshop instructions for servicing all aspect of your car.

Complete OEM top to bottom workshop instruction manuals for Mercedes series engines with full motor tear down rebuild data. Includes parts numbers list and schematic diagrams. Includes extra supplements. Includes full electrical system schematic diagram of vehicle circuits, fuses, and components.

Complete OEM Chassis and Body Manuals including volume 1 and volume 2 with full bumper to bumper coverage for the chassis. Complete OEM Brake Service Manual with full service, inspection and replacement instructions for brakes and operation components. Complete OEM Owners Operators Manuals for vehicle operation and care, along with technical information on lubricant and coolants.

Complete OEM Maintenance Manual includes registry for scheduled maintenance and service, routine checks and warranty information. Mercedes Benz MB Mounts Electrical Troubleshooting Service and Repair Manuals.

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Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Log in. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Home Forums General General Discussion. R mercedes SL. Thread starter alanwhitnall Start date Oct 1, Tags mercedes. Joined Oct 1, Messages 3 Location doncaster Car ford fiesta. Hi everyone. New on here, i am looking to invest in a new project of obtaining a mercedes R SL for my later years enjoyment, is this the place for advice on which models to go for which year and the pit falls to look out for on these older cars kind regards in anticipation of your response alan.

SilverSaloon MB Enthusiast. Timper Active Member. Joined Feb 5, Messages Car Merc. Absolutley gorgeous!

mercedes r107 forums

I would be looking at the post models, they may look the same as the older cars, but the improvements are huge. When I was looking to buy I drove an earlyand then drove the laterthere was no comparison Certain parts can be very expensive, especially trim parts, such as bumpers, and interior fittings.

Service parts are reasonably priced. Check for rust, everywhere, including the plenum chamber, as these rust from the inside, and can cost more than the car is worth to fix.

Buy on condition, and not mileage, these cars were built to last. My advice, is find a cleanand enjoy. Joined Apr 19, Messages When I was looking to buy I drove an earlyand then drove the laterthere was no comparison.

Without meaning to insult you. You must log in or register to reply here.Good morning James Jeff Klepac wrote Good morning James Quote Originally Posted by Werner W Interesting point however in my opinion you are making an argument for the benefits of the r since it was designed and engineered around first built around and has remained relatively unchanged through I consider the technologically relatively easy to work on and maintain.

One of the main reasons mercedes jumped technologically to the was. Hi All following my last question here is a little more info as well But unfortunately the company is not named in any text i have look at on the web also two British companies became approved agents and successfully installed the system to thousands of SLs throughout the UK and Europe in many cases for mercedes - benz dealers.

But unfortunately the company is not named in any text i have look at on the web also two British companies became approved agents and successfully installed the system to thousands of SLs throughout the UK and Europe in many cases for mercedes - benz. POS No it wont.

This is a mercedes benz Club of Great Britain concourse winner and I know this car. Maybe its a climate thing but provided the car has been stored correctly and fluids changed on schedule we dont seem to have the same problems with seals. Two sub mile SLs have sold in the UK. I would look for one that has more miles but owned by a nut like me that has invested in fixing all the problems of a nice rust free car thats 25 years or more in age. Find a southern car that is rust free or even a northern car that was always used on fair weather days only.

Join the forums like this one mercedes. Up until the release of the SL in every mercedes - benz car model had a W designation for wagen. With the release of the SL M-B designated it an r for roadster. The SLC got the designation C for coupe.

Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums

Unless the cars lived in a swamp most are rather rust free. The disasters come from out of state east and the bulk of the good examples hail from Kalifornia. At this age none are perfect unless the owners have invested excessive amounts of time and cash.

You will find these cars well beyond your budget. Kent Bergsma in Bellingham mercedes.

mercedes r107 forums

I am certainly open to euro models but they are more difficult to acquire in the States and often come at a substantial premium over a similar condition NA-spec car.Log in or Sign up.

Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Hi all, I managed to break one of the abs sensors while trying to clean it - note to thers - remove the brake disc to clean the sensor rather than try to remove the sensor from the suspension leg!

It comes up as part or bosch and then some other manufacturers but prices are very high and availability seems very limited! It looks the same and as long as resistance is similar I guess it might do. Any help would be great - thanks Rohan. RohanJun 12, Rohan likes this. Yes i tried all of those RayH - none have any stock unfortunately.

It looks like the w part has the same resistance and looks the same so may well work. RohanJun 13, John LaidlawJun 13, You could always try Mercedes at Poole who tend to look after the heritage side of things. I don't have a website for them but their excellent, as opposed to most of the monkeys I usually deal with, parts people can be reached on Thanks everyone - following up on all these right now! Much appreciated.

Will update how I get on.Here are three Roncallo posts mentioning the same setup that I want to do 8x16 et34 r wheels mounted on the front of an r So the max effective offset should be 22 with an 8x16 wheel.

R 107 mercedes SL

Otherwise you must find steel which is very. Some pictures of a sl hub and a sl hub. Reno4u2 was very helpful providing not only the picture of the sl hub but also kin measuring the caliper to stick out past the mounting plate by 1. And to show that the sl brakes and rotors are the same as the sl here is RenatoMBs hub I asked Reno4u2 to measure some distances.

Interesting that there are vendors with Grease Cap Replacement spacer s. So the spacer s replace the existing grease cap. Although Ive seen this picture many times before I just learned this type of spacer s is made to replace the grease cap. These even claim to be made for the r Fronts. I am interested in which style s these fit. You can put MB wheels on an Audi by reducing the center bore with hubcentric rings.

So the aftermarket wheel makers are very limited. Check places like Tire Rack if you are looking for new. Or start searching eBay and like places for mercedes. Et19 should work just fine with tires. Since you have a gen2 you should be able to do the spacer s. I dont know that 15mm hub-repeating spacer s will fit over the existing 10mm deep hubs.

I think 20mm might be more likely to fit and et14 might be a little better stance and closer to the desirable 8x16 et Sent from my iPhone using AG Free. I think you are speaking of DenDownunders car. He never clarified if his 12 spacer s are hi centrichub-repeating spacer s or not. I doubt that 12 could possibly be hub-repeating spacer s. There must be an amount where the spacer is both thicker than the bore and thinner than the bore in order to hold the new hub on the spacer.Original Poster.

Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Can anyone point me in the direction of any good forums and owner clubs for SL mercs? Looking for good places to get spares that arent stupid money. Breakers with them down south etc. You cannot have looked very far. About 30 seconds research would tell you: 1 the Mercedes-Benz Club is the oldest Mercedes owners' club in the world, the r is the most popular model in the club and it has an excellent online forum and monthly magazine with a specialist SL list; 2 there are a million and one specialist dismantlers and used parts merchants, about whom a great deal of information is available from the club; 3 ebay exists; 4 the dealer network is actually rather excellent and good value when it comes to new parts; 5 there are numerous Mercedes-Benz internet forums fora?

But, hey, why bother with research? After all, it is a myth that the more you put into your classic car the more you will get out of it, isn't it? Of course i have looked, but most breakers seem to be up north, i've hunted ebay for the bits i want to no joy.

I have hunted the net only to find very pompous types in very clicky clubs like yourself i imagine. I was hoping for some more down to earth owners. In all seriousness I must add, its people like you that make me doubt owning a Mercedes.

The used parts game is all online these days, I suspect because "Health and Safety" forbids the very pleasurable pastime of mooching round scrappers. Mercman is very good but in Cornwall : www. I have used him for my SEC and he is brilliat. Try also Dronsfields, www. You may find Inchcape's online store useful for identifying dealer prices. Enter a part number and up comes the price: www.

They key to this is to subscribe 15euros per annum to the Mercedes-Benz electronic parts catalogue yes, it goes back to thethus giving you access to parts number information for your car this is an amazing resource. German Ebay has much more stuff, too.


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